insulate garage


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insulate garage

I have a small workshop in my attached garage and also keep my dog out there on occasion. Since the exterior walls are not finished, the noise from the garage is still pretty loud outside the garage. For my neighbors sake, I wanted to try to insulate the walls to help control some of the noise. I am not sure what I need to do though. I was thinking of just putting a R-11 or R-13 rated insulation between the studs and not finishing the walls. Is this a safe thing to do? I have seen warnings about insul. facing being flammable and that you should always place it between surfaces. But I would prefer not to finish the walls unless I have to. Any advice would be appreciated.
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The kraft facing on fiberglass insulations is very flammable when not covered with drywall. FSK faced material can be used without any covering. Generally speaking this is alot more expensive than regular kraft insulation.

However you can buy unfaced insulation and hold it in place with the wire hangers sometimes referred to as tiger teeth. This you could leave exposed or you can also buy rolls of FSK facing for about 15 cents a square foot I believe, This could be stapled over the studs covering the insulation. so total cost would be approx 35 cents a square foot.

R-11 batts will produce the same STC ratings as an R-13 batt so in my opinion there is no need to spend the extra pennies per square foot on the R-13.

Good Luck

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thanks for the help. -- I guess I may end up putting up some sheetrock afterall. But I'll look into the other first.

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