What's best substrate?


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What's best substrate?

Hi all, well my handyman is finally back on the job. Had roof leak, it's been repaired. Now pulling off T-111 siding that's been water damaged. Think it's called cellotex substrate underneath the T-111. Have second story plumbing for a bath on this outside wall. It's froze a few times on me. Thinking I need to use good quality pipe foam on all pipes, as well as R-15, (2x4 studs), roll insulation in walls. Also wondering if a half inch of one of the foam type substrates might not be a bad idea before replacing the T-111 siding. Seen some 4x9 insul-(something or other) at home depot tonight, in 2 inch thickness it's R-10, don't know what R value would be for half inch, maybe R-2 or so. Anybody have a suggestion for what would be good to use? Needs to be something I can pick up at HD, I'm supplying materials for the job.

Cheers, Steve J.
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Rigid board is R 5 per inch ...To insulate your pipes from freezing id go with closed cell pipe wrap thats R 3.9 or so .. much better than the cheaper open cell stuff that feels like foam.. this stuff feels rubbery.. If you need you can buy oversized and wrap the pipes twice.. ie 1/2 inch pipes buy 1/2 and 1 inch wrap and go around it so youd have about 7 R just in the piping depending how cold it is where you live. I have water pipes in exterior walls with R 13 fiberglass and R 8 reflectix and closed cell wrap and have never had a problem yet...

Hope this helps---Josh
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Hi josh1, thanks for the come back. I used the closed cell pipe foam insulation. Wish I'd gotten back here to see your idea about using double insulation on the pipes, amazing what I don't think of sometimes. Anyway, I was wrong, ended up having 2x6 wall studs. They used R-13 originally, I replaced with 6" R-19 since I had room. Used the Celotex substrate and the regular T-111 to finish the wall. An increase of R-9 value, hope that's enough. Didn't have room to go any thicker with the substrate due to having to match adjacent unit, (Townhouse). It's back together cept for the paint, maybe Monday. Got raw cedar window/door frames out there now. Don't need it getting wet before paint.

Steve J.
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