Room above garage HOT in summer


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Suzanne L
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Question Room above garage HOT in summer

I live in a 1 year old mostly brick 2 story house with the Master Bedroom above the garage. Last summer when we had over 100 days of 100 degree plus heat the master bedroom was practically unusable, this winter when we got a few freezing days, although tolerable, the bedroom was cold.

We added a couple of turbines to the roof last summer and it made a small but noticeable difference. We are also considering replacing the garage doors with insulated doors and ripping out the drywall in the garage in order to put insulation in the areas not insulated by the builder. Any opinions on the spray type of expanding insulation? Any comments or suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance!

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Conserve NRG
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Do you know which areas are insulated?
Is the ceiling of the garage/floor of the bedroom insulated?
How about the walls and ceiling of the bedroom?
More info please.
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Suzanne L
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We know there is only insulation in the garage walls between the garage and house. Those walls that are between the garage and the outside have no insulation. There is supposed to be insulation in the bedroom walls and in the ceiling/floor between garage and bedroom. The builder is sending someone out in about a week to make sure there is insulation in the areas it is supposed to be, also the AC company is sending someone out to check the amount of air blowing into the bedroom through the vents. An AC guy was out last week for a different problem and said that part of the problem with the bedroom could be in how the insulation was installed in the floor/ceiling - whether it was stapled to the ceiling or just laid on top of the drywall. We won't know how it was installed until they come out to check. Thank you for responding to this, if you need more info I'll be happy to give it!
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Conserve NRG
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Without actually seeing your home I must work off of assumption.
Your "AC guy" may be on the right path. Right now I would assume the same.
If the insulation was installed incorrectly it could definately be ineffective.
It may be possible that the insulation in your sidewalls was installed incorrectly as well.
It's difficult to tell.
I asked the previous questions in hope that answering them would help guide you to a solution.
Wait and see what the contractors say.
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