What material ok to put next to stovetop?


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What material ok to put next to stovetop?

I'm not sure where to ask this, so I'll start here...

I want to put a "wall" up next to one side of the stove, between the countertop and the bottom of the cabinet above it. So it would be parallel to the side of the stove and right next to it. It would only measure about 19" high by 24" wide.

Im wondering if there is any kind of material that would be safe for this - i.e. could be within inches of the lit burners and not be in danger of catching on fire? Also, I plan to put books on the other side of this "wall" so the material can't get hot.
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Try a piece of stainless steel laminated to the wall. They use it in commercial appli.cations
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Kitchen Safety

The National Kitchen & Bath Assoc. recommends at least 15" of counter on either side of the cooktop.

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