Garage Roof Insulation


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Garage Roof Insulation

I am going to be finishing my garage - attached on one wall. Half will be used for woodworking, the other half for our car. I will use a propane torpedo heater in the winter, and just fans in the summer. Drywall and insulation on the walls.

My question is about heat loss through the roof. We currently store a lot of stuff in the rafters, so I don't want to drywall the ceiling so we will still have easy access. But I don't want to lose all of the heat through the roof during the winter - so how do I insulate the roof? What do I need to be concerned about? I've read enough and watched This Old House to tell me that I should be concerned with ventilation between the insulation and the roof - but I really don't know what that means - what should I look for in my construction to know that I am not asking for trouble? If this is all OK, what type of insulation do I use if it is exposed, to not be a fire hazard?

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What I did in my DETACHED garage was put up sheetrock on the ceiling but I left an area which I put a attic "hatch" from which to store/retrieve things. It's about 4X3 in area, big enough for bicycles, fencing, posts, tires, garden hoses, etc. to easily be removed/stored as needed. I blew in cellulose insulation (rented blower from menard and bought about 10 bags of fill) in the rafter ties and put down a 7/16 OSB 'floor' for the stuff up there. Also added soffit vents, 3 roof vents, and the plastic 'chutes' that keep the cellulose from falling over the soffit vents. I've got a woodstove out there and it's damn warm in the winter and cool in the summer (right now!!) with the added ventilation. In fact, the garage was unbearable last year but very comfortable this summer. Also added some new outlets and lights out there. I also insulated the walls with R11 fiberglass and covered with sheetrock.

The main thing you need to do is remove the heat in the summer and keep it in or down in the winter. The best way to do this is to put a ceiling up and insulate/ventilate.

Spend $200-300 on this project and you'll be very happy with the investment.

-sheetrock ($6/2sheets)
-soffit vents ($0.75/each)
-roof vents ($3/each)
-cellulose insulation ($7/bag)
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