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I am finishing an unfinished basement and am putting in a bedroom next to our family room. What is the best way to soundproof the walls separating the two rooms?
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A major factor in the tansmittion of sound through solid materials is vibration. With sheet rock the most common sound absorber is insulation. This is because the insulation is not firmly attached to anything, thereby absorbing the vibration caused by sound. And transferring very little of this vibration to its surrounding materials.

This is good but not that good. If you ask anyone who has done this, it does limit or reduce the amount of noise coming through the wall. That is because the sheet rock is firmly attached to the studs, which aids in the transmittion of vibration through the wall. One way to decrease the noise coming through a wall is to have the sheet rock absorb the vibration and limit the transferance of the vibration to the studs and the sheet rock on the other side.

The way this is done is by installing metal hangers perpendicular to the studs from the bottom of the wall to the top apart every 16 inches. Then attach the sheet rock to the hangers and not to the studs. In other words, you are creating a smaller path for the vibration to travel through the wall. This can be done for a wall or a ceiling. This also explains why drop ceiling are usually referred to as acoustical ceilings.

When it comes to windows, the same principle applies. For example a single pane window will transmit a large portion of the sound through it. Add a storm window or replace it with a thermal window, the vibration is absorbed by the first pane of glass and less is transmitted to the second pane of glass. There is glass that is specifically designed for sound absorption. it is expensive though.

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