Homeowners - Slab Leak


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Homeowners - Slab Leak

It's confirmed - we have a leak in our hot water piping that runs under our slab foundation. We've had no water damage in the house, but the leak ius great enough that we have no hot water - hot water heater couldn't keep up with the leak rate. The water is draining into the gravel and earth beneatht he house instead of coming up into the house.

This afternon a plumber will come and jackhammer a hole in my floor and through the slab to gain access to the leaking pipe. Spent $275 this morning to have a leak detection company come out and pinpoint the leak.

My Homeowners insurance company is telling me (after several "let me call you back after I check with ...") that this is not covered because there is no water damage inside the house. I really thought that the repairs to the damaged floor would be covered, knowing that the plumbing repairs themselves would not be.

I have had my agent send me a full copy of my policy. This just stinks. Is there anything I can do?

Certainly it seems that homeowners insurance isn't worth much if something like this isn't covered. Perhaps if I'd waited until there was massive damage instead of catching this leak early.

Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.
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You'll have to read your policy when you get it.
I'm pretty sure that it will exclude all foundation damage, regardless of cause.

How long have you owned the home, maybe the builder can assume some liability (generally not more than a year I'd say).
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Pinhole Copper?

I went through what you are going through. I had pinhole leaks in copper pipe in a slab house. First leak in a wall in the bathroom ($175). Second leak in utility room wall ($175). Then floor in kitchen felt hot to the feet. Hot water pipe leak in the slab. I had the whole house re-plumbed. Once pin holes start they never seem to quit. There is a great debate as to the cause. My insurance didn't cover the re=plumb either.
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Thank You Pendragon, for your reply. I did receive my policy and believe this should be covered. Trying to decide whether to push the issue or not - given the possible consequences of having a ratable claim on our insurance, and that it would probably take an appeal process, and it still could be denied. It is sad that we are afraid to actually use the insurance we pay for and that, of course, the agents are always looking for how they could possibly deny a claim instead of trying to help us when we have a problem. In my discussions with the clerk, it became quite obvious that her questions were geared to try to find a way around the claim. In the end she said it would not be coverd only because there was not water damage inside the house. My policy states no where there must be water damage inside the house. Some research has shown me that is a common play to deny slab leaks.

Jmm706, it was copper piping, although the pipes looked great in general. There did appear to be a probable cause in my situation. The hot and cold water lines would run parallel normally but were not quite - in the spot of the leak were almost but not quite touching. I could see over nearly 20 years how that hot water line could expand and contract, pushing against the pea gravel between the two lines and cause a leak. There was that kind of wear from the outside of the line. And then of course some erosion, but no corrosion, from the inside that would have happened when the leak occured.
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my story

my house had sewer line broken. It caused house settled. However no water damage to floor, walls. I filed a claim and was denied. Reason: no direct physical damages from water. The house was settled because of earth movement: not covered even the sewer line was behind. To repair: it is the owner's job to keep the house in good shape. And policy won't cover for any "wear and tear".

Unless you have an optional to cover that water pipe, I doubt that insurance will pay for a new pipe due to wear and tear. However go ahead talk to your agent first. Sometime it won't hurt to file a claim but the negative thing is they may put your property on their black list.

don't repair the holes, repipe instead. It costs now but save you later, at least trouble free for 15-20 years. Do a research in plumbing group for what pipe is best for your house because not all plumbers will tell you the best to do.


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