Sloping soil - process of leveling and need help

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Sloping soil - process of leveling and need help

Good afternoon!
Hi, I'm new here. Great site!
We are in the process of adding lots of dirt to level our 32'x26' backyard.
It has taken months to get the dirt ready for seeding (new construction had left all kinds of trash in soil).

My next problem is that my lot angles from 6" to 2' sloped on one side of my neighbor. There is a fence which is supporting the dirt, but I want to reinforce on my side. I was thinking of digging in and putting 2x10s the length of the fence and filling the dirt back.

Any suggestions?
PS...its a condo, so I am limited in what I can do ie using cement or some more permanent fixes without board approval....
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If you want to hold the dirt back from pushing the fence over then putting 2X10s between the dirt and the fence wont do much since the wood will only be supported by the fence.

What I would do is make a small retaining wall a little bit before the fence, either with stone blocks that you buy at the Home depot or any other store like that, or if they are aviailable in your area using old rail road ties would work well, and they are usually treated so they wont rot very quickly. Sometimes there are places were you can buy them after then have been removed from abandon tracks, or some stores sell them too.

You need something with a little more weight then 2x10 to hold back the dirt.
As well if you have the dirt touching the side of a wooden fence, depending on what kind of wood, it may cause the fence to rot because of the constant moisture.
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You will also have to take into consideration of how what you want to do affects the drainage on your property and your neighbor's. It is best that lawn have some slope in order to carry water away from your home. And, the water needs some place to go.

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