How to trim a weeping cherry?


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How to trim a weeping cherry?

I believe this is what I have in my front yard. How do I trim it? I have branches touching the ground. Do I take the whole branch all the way to the main limb or do I just trim up so the overhang is not touching the ground?
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One problem with weeping plants is dealing with the tendency to droop sometimes all the way to the ground. I would head back the branches to a bud or twig intersection and see how the develops. You will always be trimming this plant in order to fight its tendency to be what it is. If you dislike the tree, perhaps replacing it will save time and work.
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First, entirely remove any lateral (side) branches that appear on the main trunk. If your tree is top-grafted, remove any branches that have reverted to vertical growth. If your tree is not grafted and weeps naturally, allow vertical branches to lengthen and arch over. Also, remove any branches that create a congested look and branches that cross or appear out of place. It is not recommended that you go around and cut the ends off all the weeping branches.

The goal is to remove entire branches that are problematic. The weeping variety is grafted on rootstock at a height of about 5’. Thus, tree resembles and umbrella in shape. Anything that grows below the 5' graft must be removed. Branches should not be allowed to grow vertical through the canopy. Doing so ruins the effect of the plant.

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