How much water for newly planted tree?


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How much water for newly planted tree?

The nursery says I should be giving my new tree 3-4 gallons of water per day for 2 weeks. I usually water for several minutes using my hose and have been since I planted it a little over a week ago. The other 2 trees I bought and planted at the same time are doing wonderful.

Im asking them about the wilted tree they sold me (see thread for crape myrtle). I'm wondering if something is wrong with it's root system because the leaves are dry and brittle.

I don't understand. Is there a root hormone or something I can use to boost it's root growth?

Please help
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Moving shock

The poor thing is probably in shock from the transplant. I've planted great new shrubs and trees just to see them yellow and wilt like they were going to die. They came back ok. It's a defense mechanism. The plant will drop off some of its baggage to lighten the biological load and conserve energy to make the transition into its new hole (home).
I found that if I set the end of my garden hose at the base of the tree and barely crack open the valve, the water will trickle slowly into the ground for a good deep watering. Leave the dripping hose at the tree for a few hours every other day. Even the thirstiest trees will be happy with that. You don't have to tote water or watch your two to three gallons per day of sprayed or poured water run across the lawn.

I build on a farm field and now I have a little forest all along my propery line in only a few years. I swear this will work. I still lost a couple here and there, I admit but mostly I was able to religiously water my new additions without a loss of time for other tasks.
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Water with a hose for a few minutes is doing more harm than good. You are encouraging root growth at the surface. The trees (and shrubs and established lawns) need a deep watering.
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For the first 7 days, I fill the diked area around the tree until it won't soak in readily. Next, I do that once a week for a month. After that it is on its own.

Crape Myrtle is funny at times. If you just planted it and the leaves are dried, wait a couple of weeks to see if it recovers. It will survive almost anything, it seems. Just keep it watered.

Hope this helps.

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