low maintenance outdoor plants?


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Cool low maintenance outdoor plants?

Hi, looking to plant something nice out front....what are some real low maintenance outdoor plants (in-ground)???
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full sun or shade? tall or low? flowering or evergreen???


for shade, i love hosta. no maintenace & a ton of varieties.

for sun, liriope (monkey grass) or any of the tall grasses (zebra grass, fountain grass, etc) are good. nandina is pretty. azalea's are gorgeous right now, and don't require any maintenance.
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i aggree with Annete
or you could used silk or artifical plastic plants
no maintenance at all

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I have no green thumb at all...so low maintenance is right up my alley! I use lots of daylillies around our house, because they require virtually no care at all, and they come back year after year (and multiply, as well). And, unlike tulips which flower for about 2 days & then die leaving a couple of wilted leaves with a bare stalk in between, the leaves of daylillies are rather pretty even apart from their flowers.

I also just planted two seagrass-type plants in front of our house (which gets a ridiculous amount of sun, and I have tried all sorts of plants unsuccessfully out there), and they're doing VERY well. Wish I could remember the names of them...they've got little purplish/red flowers all up & down the stems. Very lovely. If you're interested, I'll look on the tag & find out their names!
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Indian Hawthorne is durable and attractive. What look are you trying to achieve? What zone? How large a space?
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Look at the landscaping around local shops for ideas

It's hard to know what might do well in your area but there are probably a lot of hints if you take a look around. If you are looking for REALLY low maintenance plants, try driving around your local mall, shopping center or fast food restaurants. Shrubs and plants that do very well are usually planted in these locations--especially shrubs. When I started looking around, I noticed there were about 4 or 5 shrubs that were absolutely everywhere that will basically grow and look nice with little or no coaxing.

Take some pictures or make some notes and see if they are available at your local garden center. If these kinds of plants sound boring or uninspired, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Anything with foliage looks better than nothing or something that's not doing well. Perhaps you can put in some of these and some smaller annuals or perennials in front of them for variety and color. The garden center might direct you to some that work in your area. Or you can try some pots of plants placed in the beds alongside your shrubs and/or try putting in some garden art to help add interest.

A neighbor has several boulders placed in her beds. She painted them over in sky blue, then added green grass and flowers around the base. It's a colorful way to add interest without a lot of maintenance--though she has to do a clear coat over the top every now and again to protect her paint job.
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We've done quite a bit with rocks in our yard as well (though, not painted ones)....because in our small front yard area it's nearly impossible to keep grass green (harsh sun, street runoff). So we've done alot with small and large stones, and then benches, planted items (such as the seagrass-type plants mentioned above) and so forth.

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