Cost of Tree Removal

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Question Cost of Tree Removal

Hello! We have a large pine tree in our back yard that is very tall and drops an enormous amount of pine needles all over the place. I want to get rid of the tree and will need to hire someone to do it. I am trying to find out an approximate cost for this sort of job before I start calling around. I realize the costs probably vary depending on location but even a range would be helpful. The tree is about 24" in diameter and at least as tall as our house. Can you help me?
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Don't be afraid to call around to get a ballpark figure.

What is your budget? ie) at what price will you say "that's nuts" and "Thats not worth it"?
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I think I would max out at $200?
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Still call for a ballpark, but I think you'll find $200 is too low.
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My guess is around $700 or $800 to remove the tree from a licensed arborist. I got some estimates just to cut branches and it was that much. Of course there are landscaping services which will do it for you for considerably less than a real tree service, but they may not have insurance, so that is one thing to consider. What if a worker gets hurt, what if the house gets hurt from a falling tree?
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My bro-in-law was quoted $700 to cut down a 50 ft maple.
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It was about $700 each for us to have 2 pine trees removed last year. Each one was fairly tall, ~60ft, 2ft diameter.

We also have one removed that was HUGE. well over 90ft, 4ft diameter. This one was about $2500.

This is in Maryland.

Around here, the cost of the removal is: labor + the weight of the parts to be removed.
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Call around and get some bids. Make sure the person you hire is a licensed and insured professional. Get a written contract. Make sure they pay workers' compensation insurance in case they get injured on your property. Make sure they have liability insurance in case they injure your property. Your homeowner's insurance will not cover damage to property or injuries. Call your company to confirm this.
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also, make sure you ask about stump removal. it's usually extra to have the stump ground down to below ground level.
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Cool Cost to remove a tree

To remove- to cut down a 50 ft pine clear of all buildings & power lines will cost u $ 200.00
To haul away the remains ( branches & main tree parts )
about $ 350-$500.00
A 18"-30" stump about 100-$150.00
So you can figure on about $600-$700.00
To have it down & gone ( PRICELESS )
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Unhappy I agree with

I'm with BOB.F on this $200.00 is way to low.....!!!!
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Tree Removal

One factor in determining cost is ease of access to the tree.

Will the tree guys be able to get their equipment near the tree or will the job require them to move the tree piece by piece from the back yard to the street in front of the house?
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Ummm, OP almost 10 years old, guys.
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So why is an almost 10 year old thread it still occupying space?
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We don't automatically close all threads. Quite often our posters can glean good information from them. When they start up the thread after so much time has passed we sometimes close the thread. Rest easy. We got it.
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So why is an almost 10 year old thread it still occupying space?
Oh , was going to type something but saw Larry's answer...

So see answer below... ( Thread closed..............)
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