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How Do You Keep A Sago Palm Green And Not Yellow In South Mississippi?
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Yellowing of the leaves may be as simple as the plant preparing to grow new leaves. It will recover nutrients from the old leaves in preparation. It may be a problem with the total environment of the plant. If all the leaves are discolored, check the stem. If is is soft or mushy, the plant will die. If just the tips of the leaves are browning, feed the plant. This can be due to lack of fertilizer or preparation to grow new leaves.

In general, feed the plant and see what happens over the coming year.

Hope this helps.
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Overwatering is the most common cause of a general-overall yellowing of the sago palm. Because it's a gradual process, you may not notice until it's too late. Overwatering will cause roots to rot, and will kill the plant. Soil should dry out between waterings, or keep it slightly moist all the time, but don't let the soil remain soaking wet for more than a few hours just after you've watered. You shouldn't need to water more than once every 5 to 7 days, even in hot weather. Sagos need excellent drainage of soil.
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Could also be the sago bug what we have down here . They say the hurricane blew them in from the caribbean. Its to a point here dont even try and plant them. After I spend over a $100. on bug sprayfor 4 trees I let them go.Dont know how to say it . they look like very very small white rice. Talked to the county people and they said the same take them out.She had one 15 years old and took it out.Have lots of palms here but they only get the sago.

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Another bug! That sago bug is Asian scale and is an extremely tiny white insect with an armor coating, and it multiplies fast. If your sago looks like it has a coating of fresh snow, you likely have a problem.

The Asian cycad scale, or Aulacaspis yasumatsui, was brought into Miami in 1992 by an expedition funded by a botanical garden.Thus, many of the sago palms have been lost in Florida. Landscape architects are reportedly avoiding sagos along the southern coast.

The best treatment for Asian scale is keeping trees thoroughly sprayed with Volck oil spray every couple weeks. The oil spray smothers them. Many recommend removing and burying affected foliage and trees because the infestation is airborne and can affect neighboring sagos.

Other palms are not affected. Why? Sago palms are not really palms, they just look that way. Sagos are cycads and are often called living fossils because they have been around since the dinosaurs. The sagos are the most propagated and sold cycad in the world. You find them in almost all botanical gardens, in temperate and tropical locations. They have been heavily promoted commercially as a landscape plant.

Check your sago for tiny, white insects and spray with oil spray. Other gardening forums have reported the cycad scale along the coast as far away as Texas. Contact your local Dept. of Agriculture for an update on the scale in your area and info for growing sagos where you live.

The infestation is airborne. Insects don't fly but the immature ones can be carried for miles in the wind. If you think you have the problem under control, you can get the scale back in the next wind storm. Infected plants from Miami-Dade County nurseries have been sent to many areas of the United States by chain stores. People report infestation in Alabama, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, South Carolina, Texas, and many other areas in Florida, and along the Gulf Coast.


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