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Cool Trees

Does anyone have an idea of a tree (actually 2), that I can plant in my backyard. I'm limited on funds, so that will be a consideration. Problem in the 1 acre backyard...It's VERY wet. You can actually hear the yard "bubbling" 2-3 days after any rain. The trees will be planted a couple hundred feet from the house & any water/sewer lines. I saw the previous posts regarding willow trees, and was wondering if there is another tree that might absorb a lot of water, and not so many issues. Thanks for anyone's advice.
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take a look at bald cypress[taxodium disticum] i think.
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River birch will take on the water. It will help to mound up where you plant the tree so it can become established without any ill effect.

Here is a list of trees for wet areas:

Red maple
Silver maple
River birch
Paper birch
Sugar hackberry
Sweet gum
Sour gum (tupelo)
White spruce
London plane tree
Poplar (aspen)
Swamp white oak
Bur oak
Pin oak
Bald cypress
American arvorvitae
Black haw

Hope this helps.
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Contact your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent for a list of trees that will grow in your area with your specific growing conditions. You will want an indigenous species that can thrive in a wet environment. Don't forget to take into consideration size at maturity, spacing, etc.

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