Drill hole through cherry tree?

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Drill hole through cherry tree?

This may seem like an odd question, but I wanted to put a fountain in my yard. I have an antique brass plumbing valve and I wanted to mount it on the side of the tree like a maple syrup tap. I then wanted to drill a hole for a 1/4 copper or plastic tube through the center of the tree (tree is about 1' in diameter) and have a recirculating water pump run to it so water comes out of the spout. Will I kill the tree by drilling the small hole through the center? Will certain types of metal react worse or better with the tree. i.e. will copper be poisionous to the tree?

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I would not use copper through the tree. Drilling a hole through the tree may cause persistent problems, because it allows an opening into the tree exposing it to infection and infestation.
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If you were a tree how would you feel if someone drilled a hole through you or attached a plumbing fixture to you? Forgive me, but I am passionate about trees. Drilling through the heart of a tree will stress it and upset its chemical balance. And, anything you attach to the tree will disfigure the tree as the bark continues to grow. You also need to take into consideration the impact of digging on roots to install fountain. I personally recommend a different location in your landscape for your fountain.

Remember that it's not nice to mess with Mother Nature. If you have a shallow-rooted tree, you will most definitely stress it with digging. If you value this tree in your landscape, I beg you to reconsider what you are planning to do. Any upset to the tree will stress it and can possibly send it into a state of decline that can subject it to disease and pests.
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Yes, do not drill a hole in the tree.
The fixture would look really odd hanging off a cherry tree, anyway. BTW - have you ever seen a tap used to collect maple syrup? It looks nothing like a plumbing valve.

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