maple removal


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maple removal

We have noticed what seems to be two maple trees growing in our is right in front of the windows (kind of in the middle of another plant)...and one is by the deck (again interspersed with another plant). We want to remove them because they are so close to the house and I don't want issues with roots (and because they are still so small, so I assume removal will be easier).

Anyway, what is the best way to make sure they are totally removed? Is there anything special I need to do, or just keep digging until it seems all gone?

Also, they are in kind of random could this have happened...?
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If the trees are small enough, just uproot them and discard them. Otherwise, you can cut them and dig out the stump. Removing most of the stump will usually prevent their return.

How did this happen? Seeds grow wherever there are suitable conditions. Maples make plenty of flying seeds in the spring, so they can cover lots of ground.

Hope this helps.
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If you are not going to dig up the small maples and you cut them, then you should brush their stumps with root killer like Root Out or some other product immediately after cutting. When I was a kid there was a product called Root Rot, but I don't know if it exists today. Brushing with root killer immediately after killing will send the killer into the root system as sap gets sucked back in. This will eliminate the possibility of suckers coming up from roots.

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