Looking for "hydrospade"


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Question Looking for "hydrospade"

Years ago, my grandfather used a device to dig deep ~1-1/4" diameter holes around his trees for deep watering, fertilizing, etc. I believe it was called a "hydrospade", or maybe a "waterspade". Anyway, this was basically a four foot length of ~1" diameter steel pipe, flattened on one end to produce a flat opening. The other end had handles, a hookup for a garden hose, and a water pressure gauge. It used the house water pressure to dig a hole as the tool was rotated and pushed into the ground. The key to its operation was the connector for the water hose. It had a small opening that pulled in air into the water coming into the tool from the garden hose. So, as you were "digging" the hole, the air bubbles assisted in eroding soil at the flattened tool tip.

Does anyone know if this device is still available??? I have Googled, eBayed, Amazoned, etc., with no luck.
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Yes, it is similar, but not exact. This was sort of a cross of the two you found....handles, but the larger diameter of the copper one.

Makes me think I could just make one........


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