Pine needles


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Pine needles

Does the ponderosa pine loose its needles or which pine trees do not loose there needles?
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Ponderosa Pine

David Douglas, the Scottish botanical explorer, found this pine in 1826 and named it for its ponderous, or heavy, wood. Ponderosa pines have yellow-orange bark, needles grouped in threes, and bark scales that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. The trunk of a ponderosa pine can grow up to 6 feet in diameter.

Evergreen trees have a natural seasonal needle fall. If needle fall is not within the season, then you need to contact an arborist to see if you have disease or pest problems. Under normal conditions older needles are dropped. Older needles on the inside of evergreen trees are shed each fall after they turn yellow, brown or reddish tan in color. This is a natural process. It often goes unnoticed because only the inner most needles fall. Pine trees can hold their needles for 2-5 or more years, depending on the species.

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