grass problem in my shrubs


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grass problem in my shrubs

I've got a couple of small leaf-bearing shrubs (maybe they are hedges) on my property that are trapping leaves and grass. The shrubs are very dense near ground level and becasue of this, it is very tough to ge the leaves and other things out. Plus, grass is now growing up in the center and there is a real nest accumulating there.

I tried using a high powered blower to get the the leaves out but the nest of grass and other things (probably accumulated over the course of several years) is just too dense and compact to get much out.

The only thing I can think of is if I was to try to kill the grass (with some sort of topical poison) so that things loosened up a bit. Of course I worry tha this may also just kill the shrubs. Is there an easy solution?
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Perhaps pruning out some of the lower branches will allow you to clean out the bushes. Without knowing what type of bushes you have, it is difficult to explain how to properly prune your species. Shrubs and bushes that have not been properly pruned and have been allowed to grow dense, tend to suffer from die-out in the middle due to lack of light and air circulation. Selectively prune out some branches to improve light and air circulation and those on bottom that are catching the wind-blown debris. If grass and weeds growing in bush can not be pulled out or dug out (Note: easier if soil has been well-watered before trying to pull) then brush on (don't spray) some Roundup onto the grass. Avoid getting Roundup on your shrubs. Roundup is a systemic herbicide that gets absorbed into plants and downward to roots where it kills plants.

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