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i am putting white marble chip rocks around my above ground pool. could i plant hostas in them and have the rocks cover the area below the plant right up to the stems, or do i need to leave space around the plant itself? will chlorine kill/damage them if they get splashed on?
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If you plant hostas in the white rocks, be sure to get the ones that will do well in that bright, hot environment. Many hostas are shade-loving plants.

Splashing chlorine on plants will damage them unless the chemical is rinsed off quickly.
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As indicated, hosta prefers shade to partial shade. The rule of thumb is the darker the green, the less sun. Those white marble chips will absorb sunlight and radiate heat. I don't think hosta would be a happy camper in this environment unless pool area is shaded. Plants and chlorine tend not to be compatible. But if you hose off plants after a splashy swim, you may do quite well.

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