all my plants are turning yellow!


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all my plants are turning yellow!

I planted hostas, daylillies, petunias, dahlias, and snapdragons all along my driveway. They have not really thrived and recently they are starting to turn yellow. I have not fertilized yet. We have had adequate rain lately. What could be the problem. (The daylillies look unscathed)
Any help would be appreciated
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sounds like they may be in full sun and are heat stressing. around here petunias are a spring flower and burn out in summer. hostas are shade or morning sun only and snaps stop blooming around may.
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Not knowing where you are hampers any ability to advise you. Those plants should flourish in the right environment. Right now, mine look great here in zone 7a. Daylilies are pretty much indestructible, provided they have enough water.

I would venture that it is heat stress, as kerry said.
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Sounds like heat stress from driveway radiating heat and plants not being planted in a location that makes them happy. Daylilies are obviously happy as they usually are just about anywhere you plant them. Do a little research on the growing conditions required by your particular plants. Relocate if necessary. And, have your soil tested and make recommended amendments. Use shredded hardwood mulch to conserve moisture.

A rule of thumb for hosta is the greener the leaf the less sun needed. Hostas prefer shade and/or partial sun. Daylilies are easy to grow, live practically everywhere, and take little care. Petunias can tolerate full sun, but like well-drained soil and get thirsty when soil becomes dry. They tend to get leggy and need to be pinched back and dead-headed. Perennial dahlias generally are purchased as tuberous roots. Like annual dahlias, perennials are over-wintered indoors as tuberous roots. Although relatively easy to grow, they do not tolerate hot, dry conditions.

Snapdragons produce more blooms when temperatures are cool. They need to be pinched back to prevent legginess. They do best in a sunny location with soil that drains well. Flowering slows down during hot weather and picks up again as the cooler fall temperatures approach. Dead stalks need to be removed to encourage growth. Taller varieties require staking.

It is always best to know a plant's requirements before planting and to mix plants with same or similar growing requirements in beds. Unless driveway is partially shaded, most plants will tend not to tolerate the extremes of heat and drought adjacent to a driveway in full sun.

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