Black Knot on Newport Plums


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Black Knot on Newport Plums

About a year after I planted 3 Newport Plum trees (for privacy barrier) I discovered black knot. I've been pruning out the diseased branches as I find them (5 years now). I clean the clippers with bleach after every cut so as not to spread the problem. I noticed today the bark had split away from the trunk on one of the trees. The tree is about 6" in diameter. A couple questions.

Am I fighting a losing battle? The trees are now about 15 to 20' and provide the privacy I was looking for. If I'm going to lose them no matter what I do, maybe I should just remove them now and start over with something else.

Anything you can recommend that's similar. I have hawthorne's on the other side of my house, but don't really like them. I'm not looking for a hedge since I plant flowers under the trees. Thanks for your help.


Oh yes, I leave in upstate NY (adirondack mt area).
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If the bark is peeling to expose bare wood, this is a bad sign. I would plan on replacing this tree.

For recommended trees for your application and locale, check with you local agricultural extension service. The information there would be specific to your area.

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