Improving the grade away from the house


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Improving the grade away from the house

I am trying to improve the drainage of water away from my house. I am wondering if anyone knows the best type of fill to use for this. I've been told 2 different things and I don't know what is going to be best. I've been told clay and I've also been told black dirt topsoil. Wondering if some sort of mixture might be best.

In addition, if anyone knows what the following fill classifications are I would love some assistance in deciphering.

"Common Borrow"
"Recycle mix"

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i dont believe i have a good enough visual of your problm to give a recommended solution, but would like to warn you not to fill above the weep holes in your brick if your home is bricked.
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I'm sloping the soil away from the house so that the water drains away from the house instead of towards it.
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I would stay away from a fill of straight clay because it holds water so long. A general fill would be fine, but you probably intend to plant grass and flowers in this area. I would be sure and have the top few inches include some good topsoil.

Are you intending to pile the soil up against the foundation of the house. If so, how many inches are involved? Increasing the load against a wall may exceed its design specifications as well as introduce moisture-laden soil where moisture might move into siding and other elements that are intended to stay dry.
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A french drain might be your answer...

What is the 'shape' surrounding your house? Is it like your house is sitting in a bowl with all sides draining towards the house or is it more like a slope where one area is higher than your foundation and the other is lower? If thats the case then you should look into a french drain.

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