Oak trees dying


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Oak trees dying

Several large oak trees (over 80 years old) have been dying in my neighborhood at Lake of the Ozarks in Mo. I have noticed that there are three different unusual simptoms.

The dead trees have hollow sections when they are cut down

The hollow areas have large ants in them

There are custers of BB sized brown bumps of many of the leaves

Are any of the above the causes of the tree deaths, or simply symptoms? Should I be doing anything to ensure that my trees don't die the same way? Are the ants the cause of the hollow areas, or are they attracted afhet the tree has begun to die?

For a guy from MO I sure have a lot of questions.

The Bob
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Beetles, fungi, and weather tend to be the greatest enemies of mature oak trees. Fungi can invade the trunks and limbs of old trees that have been wounded. Fungi softens wood to allow beetles and other insects to tunnel in to weaken the tree. Insects can also be carries of fungus.

Sudden Oak Death, Oak Wilt, Oak Decline, and Red Oak Borer have taken its toll on U.S. oak trees. Symptoms may appear similar. It is best to contact your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent. Because the Dept. of Agriculture is researching the diseases and their control measures, your neighborhood's catastrophic loss should not go unreported.


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