Atrazine - is this stuff even remotely safe?


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Atrazine - is this stuff even remotely safe?

I bought a bag of Vigoro Weed & Feed w/ Atrazine for my St Augustine grass last night and I'm reading more about the atrazine thats in it today.

Am I going to die from this stuff if I spread it on my lawn?

There was one article about some lady (who seems very hysterical) who got cancer-like symptoms.

Then there's this very professional looking summary of Atrazine which seems to suggest that it's not terribly dangerous unless you eat a lot of it.

Who do I trust? I want to green up my lawn and kill some established weeds and I know it's not the best time of year but it really needs to be done. Are there any good alternatives that get results? I'm not really chomping at the bit to spread poison around my yard but it seems as though the weeds are unrelenting.
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Although the EPA placed restrictions on the use of spray products containing atrazine, there are currently no restrictions on granular products. Read and follow product label directions carefully. If in doubt, do not use the product.

For weed control in St. Augustine lawns, atrazine is the herbicide by which all others are judged. Offering highly effective weed control at an economical price, it is a product that has stood the test of time. Application times for atrazine may vary. In warmer climates, it is not recommended to be applied from mid-April through the end of summer. Check with your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension agent for application times in your area, information about St. Augustine lawn maintenance and weed control, as well as your concerns about atrazine.
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I performed a small test in a 250 sq ft area to see what it would do. My lawn is about 40% weeds and that spot was the worst in the back yard.

Is applying it during summer bad because it's not effective on matured weeds or because it could burn the grass? I put it on and watered it in at about 7pm yesterday and the spot had the maximum amount of shade until the sun went down and today seems fairly overcast.

Do you have any suggestions on weed control? I have one particularly bad weed that spreads along the ground and has a small blue/violet flower with leaves of about 1/2" wide. They're fairly easy to pull out but since they send out runners and there is so many, it's hard to do any effective weed control by picking them individually.

We have a dog that we let outside by herself during the day and on the leash at night, are there any special precautions that need to be taken since I put the atrazine down? I told my wife to keep her on the least for the next couple days but is that enough time or does it matter?

Regarding the first link I posted, I was reading further and amazed that people are so ignorant when it comes to pesticide/herbicide use. Either the people who post letters on that website are hypochondriacs, eating spoonfulls of poison or are genuinely affected but it seems more the former than the latter - especially when letters like 'my husband kept applying the product even after we knew it was affecting our (pets/kids/etc...) That website seems to exist to distribute propaganda.
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Follow the directions on the label for proper application. Most chemicals for the lawn are safe for pets and children after they have dried.

The writer in the first link you supplied does not seem to be the most perceptive user around.
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