What's this growing on my pine tree?


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What's this growing on my pine tree?

I have some white waxy, gooey looking substance growning in spots on my pine tree. Here are some pictures:

Here's a web link with pictures of the stuff.

Thanks So Much!!
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The tree is bleeding sap from a wound. Given the amount of sap and the coloration, I would venture that it is infested with black turpentine beetle or southern pine beetle. I would recommend having an arborist take a look at the tree and the others present to help you decide what to do. You can treat the tree, wait and see, or destroy it. Most tree services employ arborists. Usually, there is no charge for an inspection.

Hope this helps.
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Insect injury, diseases, wounds cause trees to ooze sap. Pine beetles attack all parts of the trunk of pines. They tend to attack stressed and weakened trees, especially those that suffer from drought due to dry spells or too much root competition with other trees, old age, and wounds. Beetles leave holes and sometimes sap. Sawdust is often visible where they drilled holes. Once beetles are inside of the tree there is no control. Quick removal of infested trees is recommended. Woodpeckers can cause pine trees to ooze. Root rot from too much rain or standing water can cause bark to ooze sap. Sometimes pines will ooze sap for no reason. An arborist is recommended to determine the cause of the ooze.

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