Landscaping, next to the House


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Landscaping, next to the House

Hey all,

Im looking for a cost efficient way to add some scenery and beauty to my home. This can be in the form of some kind of decorative rock or shrubs (something durable because I have too many dogs . Keep in mind that my soil is rather rocky (Eastern Kentucky) and I dont want to do a lot of digging. It would be nice to have something that could be cleaned up relatively easy. Im not sure if you need this information but, my house is an A Frame with Cedar Siding and Cedar Shingles. Any and all ideas would be appreciated.

Also, I would like some feedback on what to put under my porches, as this tends to be the perfect spots for my dogs to rest, so it needs to be something that would match the work being done around the house. If you cant tell, I have no idea what im looking for so im sorry if this post is vague, I know I need to do something but im not sure what.

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You have a rustic, A-frame that is more than likely in a wooded area. If so, naturalizing around the home with mulch with and native plants that can survive the rocky soil conditions is recommended. Species that are not native tend not to do well. To get them to do well will require you to get soil tests and properly amend the soil. If you purchase shrubs and trees from a local nursery, you will need to know which ones do well in your area, their growth habits, requirements, diseases, and pests. Making lawn as maintenance free as possible is ideal.

It is not likely that you will get anything to grow under porches. Depending on height and shade conditions will determine what, if anything, that you could plant beneath them. If areas beneath porches are dominated by dogs and porches are not too large, using pavers and/or mulch will provide dogs with a place to rest. Whiskey barrels, clay pots, or planters can be filled and placed strategically and filled with perennials or annuals that are recommended for the sunny or shady areas that you have will add color and interest along perimeter of area beneath porches if shrubs are not desired.

A local greenhouse or landscaping company may be happy to give you a free consultation if you plan on making your purchases with them. Pick up some gardening books at the library or local homecenter or bookstore for information on annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees as well as landscaping ideas. Gardening magazines are also a wealth of ideas. Your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent can also be a wealth of information.

If you know where there are other A-frames in your area, drive by and see how they have landscaped.

You can search for A-frames online with pictures you can click to see some landscaping:

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