Sprinkler problem


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Sprinkler problem


We have just installed our new wood fence in backyard.Now the problem is people who installed it forgot about sprinkler system. so our four sprinkler heads are right under the fence.now i can not move my fence only way is to move sprinkler heads.can some one help me out please.how to move sprinkler heads.

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This site is the best one about sprinklers, their care and maintenance, installation and design. www.jessstryker.com

Hope this helps.
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Funny Pipe

Over at Home Depot or Lowes (Plumbing Section), they have this thing called a funny pipe - a flexible 2 ft rubber pipe with an adapter on one end, the main purpose is to relocate sprinkler heads. You can cut the rubber pipe to whatever length you desire.
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Sprinkler head relocation


I'm not a landscaping or sprinkler contractor, but I have done what you are asking in my own backyard. Your sprinkler heads are attached to the flexible hose underground by means of a riser which is nothing more than a threaded junction. What you need to do is move the flexible, (sometimes it is not flexible but rather PVC) pipe. The only way to do that unfortunately is to dig down with a spade until the pipe is exposed along the length that contains each of the heads you want to move. Once this area is exposed, it is moveable. Just re-bury it in a location that is suitable nearby, being careful not to crimp the hose which could result in an inadequate water supply to the heads or worse, a leak.
Hope this helps.

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