preventing tree rot


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preventing tree rot

I have a 35 foot Eastern Elm in the side yard and where the tree forks, about 8 feet up, there is a small deep hollow between the two branches. I have cleaned out about a cup of decomposed leaves and post powder beetles that were trapped in there, the wood underneath is still solid and healthy. Is there a product to fill this "collection" point so that I can prevent the tree from rotting in the future? Pruning spray would keep the wood sealed but I want to fill the gap to stop the accumilation.
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Your best bet is to contact an arborist to come take a look at the tree and make recommendations for preservation. Once crotches of tree open up, insects and disease tend to enter. The extent of the damage is not known and attempts to seal may not save your tree.
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Pruning spray- Not recomended for use

Wound Dressings
Wound dressings were once thought to accelerate wound closure, protect against insects and diseases, and reduce decay. However, research has shown that dressings do not reduce decay or speed closure and rarely prevent insect or disease infestations. Most experts recommend that wound dressings not be used. If a dressing must be used for cosmetic purposes, then only a thin coating of a nontoxic material should be applied.

You cannot stop the decay of the tree,however you may fill the hole with what they call Tuff Stuff,it is found in hardware stores with insulation

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