good hedge plant


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good hedge plant

I'm trying to decide if I should build a fence or plant some hedge between myself and the next-door rental. Much of my decision hinges on finding a suitable hedge plant. I've googled around and come up with Prunus laurocerasus, laurel bush. I live in Oregon and it seems to do well here. A fellow across the street has a huge one for a hedge, very thick.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good hedge plant? My one criteria is that it can thrive if pruned to be thin - that is, long, tall, but thin from my property to the neighbor's property. Three feet is about as thick as I can let it get.

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Oregon has multiple growing zones. Contact your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent for recommenations of species that will do well in your area and would thrive in your sun, soil, and moisture conditions and meet your height and width requirements. Minimum maintenance and pruning is preferred. Prunus laurocerasus (cherry laurel) at maturity will reach 30ft x 30ft.

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