blue spruce root system


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Question blue spruce root system


I recently had to have a blue spruce removed from yard. The stump is left. The stump is about 8-9" in diameter from where the last chain saw cut.

I'd like to do something in that area of the yard. The spruce had killed off most of the grass and looks pretty bad. I was thinking about pulling the stump out with my truck. But, I'm not too sure how big that root system is.

Anywabody familiar with how expansive or deep that root system might be? I'm not sure if its going to be overly stubborn or if it might just tear up the entire yard.

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Blue Spruce has an extensive root system that makes it one tree that is very less prone to getting blown over. Stump can be ground out and area prepared for seeding. Or if stump is not too tall, it can be covered with soil and a raised bed planted in the area.

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