Looking for suggestions-


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Looking for suggestions-

I had to remove a large tree to put in an above-ground pool. Where the tree was is basically dirt and wood chips from the stump- I do want to put grass back in the bare spot- (area is about 10' x 10')- I'd like to plant some small shurbs or something that will not grow very much and maybe some other landscaping- mulch- rocks etc.....
Which type of small bushes can anyone recommend to plant in this area- Since it's near the pool- nothing that has deep roots......
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Contact your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent for a list of shallow-rooted, slow-growing shrubs for your specific local hardiness zone. True English Boxwoods (not American Boxwoods) grow very slow. The annual growth rate is a half an inch to an inch and a half per year.

You will want to put down landscaping cloth to prevent weeds and to allow moisture and nutrients to reach roots. You can mulch with organic mulch, but take care if it can be tracked into pool. Inorganic mulch like rocks or gravel may be more fitting for poolside. Landscaping cloth will need to be installed first.

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