Tulip Poplar needs help.


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Question Tulip Poplar needs help.

What causes the leaves to turn yellow with spots and fall from the tree? WHAT TO DO grhow
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Some leaves will turn yellow and drop during drought. Tulip poplar prefers sun and moist, well drained soil. In some hardiness zones they may be short-lived.

Leaf spots are usually not serious enough to warrant chemical controls. For heavy infestation the opportunity for chemical controls is lost. Rake up and dispose of infected leaves. In summer it is not uncommon to see leaves fall. These tend to be yellow, spotted leaves. Powdery mildew, which leaves a white coating on leaves, is usually not harmful.

If there is a sooty mold on leaves and stems, you have a fungus growing on the honeydew left by aphids. Insect control will help prevent sooty mold. Verticillium wilt cause wilting and death of leaves and can kill tree. Anthracnose can cause irregular brown leaf blotches with dark brown borders. The symptoms usually appear late in the season.


Maintain tree with proper fertilization. During hot, dry weather tree tends to develop yellow leaf fall. Yellowing may be preceded by small, angular, brown spots on the leaves caused by anthracnose.

A consultation with an arborist may help you to better identify your tulip poplar's problems and provide you with solutions.

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