How to Trim a Golden Honey Locust


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Question How to Trim a Golden Honey Locust

This tree is about 12ft tall and about 8in at the base. The limbs grow wild and fast and I am afraid the weight will make it split if not trimmed properly.
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Branch pruning and training when young is important for golden honey locust in order to prevent improper growth patterns such as crotching. Pruning should be done when branches are over crowded or too long and to maintain a clear, single trunk when the trees are young. Older trees rarely need pruning. The honey locust is susceptible to Nectria canker; pruning opens wounds for canker. Check with a local arborist about proper pruning and if your landscape can accommodate this tree when it is mature.

Typically this tree is too large for residential use unless one has a large landscape. It is more appropriately found in parks, medians, and large landscapes.

Golden honey locust is a quick-growing tree that will eventually attain a height ranging from 35 to 70 feet. Make sure this tree is planted in an area that can accommodate it at maturity.

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