How can i cut down traffic/road noise?


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How can i cut down traffic/road noise?

I've got an old house (150 years old) in strasburg pa and the highway we are ~80-100 feet away from has become highly trafficed - especially during tourist season.

Is there any specific "tricks" to lowering road noise? Types of plants to put out front? Places to put plants and such as to not district or hide the house but provide a barrier to soften the noise?

We're looking at replacement windows and such for when we close up the house, but anything i can do on the landscaping side would be great.

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Shrubs and trees are usually used for this purpose. A local nursery should be able to help you with the solution you need. A mix of shrubs and trees should accomplish what you want without blocking off your house. Good luck with your project.
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A screen mix of Eleagnus pungens and Nellie R Stevens would do the job.

Good Luck

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You might consider building a berm between you and the road. Plant the berm. This will raise the effective height of short, thick plants as well as providing a deflective barrier for errant cars.
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I'll checkout some of these ideas.. i guess anything that can help cut down on the wind force slows down/cancels out sound transmission..

darned 18 wheelers cary a whopper of a wind that seems to reverberate between my house and detached garage that is angled towards the house hehe.
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Doing some quick research on "berms" (never really heared that term before) i've got somewhat of an issue that i'm not sure will work well.

The front of my house has about 30-55 feet of flat area (straight out) and then the rest starts to slope down into the road gradually.

Now the berm info i was finding was natural/grass - would i have any luck with doing the landscaping stone wall in as a trim with big rocks/boulders to give some character and then planting in that to raise up a bit or just go with some plants and nix the whole berm idea?
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Trees and shrubs will do very little to help with the noise problem. The fact is, they are not a solid material, therefore sound travels right through them.

The berm solution is a good one and would be far more effective. Trees and shrubs would only help beutify the berm.

The most important thing would be to determine the appropriate height of the berm. If your property starts to slope down towards the road way, then you effectively have the start of a natural berm. You might want to consider adding the berm to this slope so that it looks a little more natural. Try to get the sound boucing away from your house as close as possible to the source.
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Sounds like someone does not know the value of plant material

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also, for when you're outside, you could help drown out and/or replace the traffic noise by redirecting your attention to the sounds of water by using one or several water features.

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