Sick Tree


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Sick Tree

I have a huge maple tree in my yard and I noticed the leaves were already falling of it. I live in New England and leafs are are dried out and brownish with holes. I know I 've got to call the tree Doctor but am curious of what I'm getting into. Can it be sprayed? We it need to trimmed? Is it an annual thing?
How do I find a guy I can trust?
Thx Steve
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How close is it to fall in your area? How dry has this season been? Does it appear that all the leaves are involved? How does the tree and others of the same kind look in your area?
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Call your county courthouse to find out if you have an agricultural agent working for the public. The County Agent can give you the best advice and you will have probably already paid for it in your taxes. Best wishes.
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FaLL doesn't start for another month and a half. I think it has been a little drier than average. The tree is on my backyard so I bet the the gov will be of little help but I will look into it, thx for the idea.
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I had a question once about a tree and the local state university agricultural extension agent was a goldmine of information. It's listed in the phone book under the county phone listings.

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