Ground grade below window


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Ground grade below window

We are going to have two windows in a concrete block wall that will have back fill (dirt) then sod placed on top of that dirt just below these two windows.
My question is how close can I backfill the dirt to the bottom of the window ?
Is there an industry standard ?
I don't want the grass so close that I cant mow or weed trim without getting debris all over the glass. On the other hand I want to backfill as much as I can.
What is a good close but safe distance ?
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In my city the maximum height is 10" below the siding. That would include a window I guess.

And common sense tells us earth shifts around over time, yard junk gets pushed against houses, things pile up. I recently checked out a house where tree debris and soil had piled so high you could see earthworms through the basement window. Amazing the window (long rotten) hadn't burst from the pressure. The homeowner wanted me to reinforce it.

Why do you want to backfill as much as you can?
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Thanks Kobuchi.
I would think that it would be a good idea to stay at least 12" below the window with the dirt back fill unless someone says that too close. I'm wanting to back fill as much as possible so I will have proper ground slope for rain flow/drainage.

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