sprinkler systerm

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sprinkler systerm

Hello. I have apparently an old sprinkler system that needs to be replace. Of the 25 heads at least half arent working properly & have been advised to change the heads to the up to date style. I've gotten two quotes & both are pretty much the same ($1250). I feel like I'm overpaying for something taht I can probably do myself. I'm not very good at projects but usually get the job done. There are about 6 heads that have to be moved--outside of that the rest I'm just replacing. Am I over my head? Is the cost savings not worth it & just hire a professional? I would greatly appreciate your input.

Thank you
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Depending on how big your yard is and what they are going to do I guess...I just bought my first home this past spring and had to put in a whole sprinkler system in my back yard. Only needed 5 sprinkler heads cuz I used the one that rotates whichever way you want and how far you want and it was one of those automatic ones too. I am a 30 year old female and my dad who is 61 yrs. old and boyfriend who is 27...we dug the dirt (this was the hardest part), placed the pipes, connected the sprinkler heads, etc. I think it is very do-able if you know how to or can find someone to help and take your time and do it right...it is sooooo worth the money and time especially if you are on a budget. It's really worth it in the end if it all comes out right and you can say you did it yourself...plus save over $1000! Honestly I don't know if you have to put in a whole new system or just the heads but I would imagine the whole thing? Get some help if you can...if you plan on doing it yourself.
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It is a simple matter of digging around the defective heads until you reach the risers which are threaded connections connecting the lines to the heads. Unscrew the 6 defective sprinkler heads and flush the lines out with water, followed by air from your compressor. Then, using pipe tape on the new NPT fittings screw it all back together. It is definitely worth it monetarily to do it yourself.......you will save a thousand dollars easily. Let me know how you make out.

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