boatyard landscaping


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boatyard landscaping


i need some ideas and help. i need (myself) to landscape a
boatyard (10 small sailboats) and want ideas for plants that don't shed their leaves too often nor trees that give off resiny gook(onto the boats)
excuse my inexperience and choice of terminology
any help will be appreciated- the boatyard is near rome, Italy

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give us an idea about the climate. what zone are you in?
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Is this going to be fresh water or saltwater boat yard in Italy
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boatyard landscaping

I suggest you contact a local Italian landscaper that is familiar with the local plants and materials. The have been doing it for thousands of years and we only have a couple of hundred, at best. with our own materials.

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thanks for your advice
i think we'd be the equivalent of the american zone 10-ish
- the boat yard is 3 hectares on a river (freshwater) that flows out to the mediterrean(saltwater...1.5 km distance away).
i really should get somebody to do it but they are so expensive here unlike in America- guess i could copy the others but i wanted to create an anomoly-type oasis among the others.
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Here is a hardiness zone map for Italy. http://************/d35af

It is about the same as zone 9 here, similar to lower Texas or Central Florida. I don't have much knowledge about plants for Italy. I would stay away from conifers and the sap they produce. The deciduous trees usually drop leaves annually, so that may be an option. Some trees with fine leaves such as locust have paper thin leaves that almost don't need removal. Evergreen vines on arbors may be an alternative.
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Look around at native species that appeal to you around your waterway. The advantage to using native plants in landscaping is that they likely will be a healthy success. Select plants with their size at maturity in mind as well as such characteristics that you require. Visit other boatyards in your area to get some ideas. I wouldn't think you would want something that will overhang the boats where birds and bugs will reside and leave their droppings. If you desire year-round greenery, evergreens will do. There are also some beautiful, tall grasses available at garden centers. You might want to include a big rock or two, an old anchor, or wooden boat wheel as part of your landscaping.

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