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Thumbs up Rubber Mulch Experience

Hello All,
Just found this forum and thought I would share with you my Great experience with Rubber Mulch. I had just put it in for my kidís playground and wow does it look great. Putting it down was so easy, it was supplied to me in 40lb. bags. I just measured off the area I wanted, and then went to work. It is like a giant cushion for my kids to play and fall on. I am so impressed Iím ordering some for my landscape this week and Iíll fill you in on that.

Best Regards,

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I am very interested in looking at the rubber mulch. Where did you buy it? I am researching it and thinking about using it for my landscaping around my new house.
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hey folks! great idea for using synthetic mulch. It lasts longer so you have a less time purchasing new ones to replenish your lawn and it is not receptive to termites and other insects.
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Thumbs up My experience with the rubber mulch

I placed the rubber mulch on our kid's playground. This stuff is great, my 3 yr old has taken somew pretty good falls and just gotten up and continued playing. Its looks like regular mulch also. The excess i had i put in my front flower beds. No weeds or insects. I have heard that it isnt a good idea for flower beds with alot of sun because it holds alot of heat that could "cook" the plants. I know nothing about plants so that would be better for someone else to answer.

Just my 2 cents.

BTW I bought the mulch at my local Southern states and they dumped it in the bed of my truck with a bobcat.
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I'm going to play devil's advocate here a little but I don't want to be misinterpreted either.I don't judge anyone for using synthetic mulch and fully realize it's benefits.I can only speak to a type sold by my employers and will not mention a specific brand.

Synthetic mulch is around four to five times more expensive than natural mulch.Perhaps it's longevity might offset this however that same quality creates a different separate issue.

The synthetic mulchs I've seen were at least in part made of so called recycled rubber.Read into that ground up tires.

I am not saying all rubber mulchs are made this way but the one I'm familiar with is.

Turning ground up tires into mulch is NOT recycling.It's putting ground up tires into the environment in ways that likely mean at least some of it will never leave the environment.If it is spread around on the ground it's never going to be fully recovered even if you try.

I post this not to judge or condemn but to educate and inform.These products have benefits and detriments and it is up to the individual user to decide for themselves what is best for their situation.
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while recycle may be a hot buzz word i do believe that tire mulch is recycling.... after all it does not end up in a dump. i looked into this but it was cost prohibative for me - way more than 4 or 5 times the cost of "natural" mulch. i was looking at getting more than 10 years.

while i think the thread started was spamming if someone does have a legit link for rubber mulch that they have real experience with i'd appreciate knowing it.
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Just do a Google search for rubber mulch. I have been researching this these past few days and there is no shortage of info readily available.
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Didn't rubber mulch get taken off the market?

I know Lowes used to carry it and then they told me it was all recalled and they no longer sell it.
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It's still available. I think some was recalled because of the metal in it, but that was a long time ago.


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