Drainage Pit


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Drainage Pit

Suggestions Please...!!!
I need to make a drainage pit for excess water to collect during one of our Florida rains.
Grading and leveling the area is not an option.
I will need to burough into a slight gradient and install a drainage
channel that will lead to a pit for collection and hopefuly quick absorbtion into
the earth.
I plan on at least making the pit 3' x 3'...maybe even deeper.

My questions are:
Whats the best material to fill the pit with? Sand or rock?
What type of pipe is best for this? PVC or concrete?
Whats the best way to manualy dig thru clay...!!!!

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I have placed several french drains around homes which work as underground gutter systems. From my experience i would dig the trench making certain you have a grade away from your home and toward the drainage pit. Place perforated 4" black PVC pipe in the trench covered with a silt stocking and cover the pipe with 1/2' crushed stone. I often am running the pipe across a lawn, so i use crushed rock up to approx 4-5" below grade and then cover with loam and seed. I would recommend using crushed rock in the base of the pit at least to the level of the top of the pipe to prevent a restriction in outflow. If you have a clay base realize that water will no drain from your pit rapidly so adjust the size of the pit accordingly! Another option is to have another outflow pipe off the other side of the pit to prevent water from backing up if you get more rain then your pit can handle.
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The pit will percolate away water only so fast as the soil will allow. I have used these pits similarly, but fill them with hardwood mulch. This allows a lot of water to collect, while still allowing one to walk on the mulch. The mulch will decompose over time requiring replenishment every couple of years or so. It provides an excellent source of potting soil.

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