Leaking Elbow - PVB (Help)


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Leaking Elbow - PVB (Help)

I am in the process of doing my front yard landscaping (first timer). Everything seemed to be going well till yesterday. I installed a Pressure Vaccum Breaker with to the main water supply to prevent a backflow and used 3/4" copper pipes as indicated in the manual.

When I setup the system - I realised I have a small leak from where I threaded the PVB into the main pipe - I didn't thread it in all the way nor used any teflon tape - now the entire setup has been done - including the PVC pipe at the bottom. I was wondering if there is a way to stop the leakage by applying some type of solution / bond to the exposed threads to stop the water or would I need to dissemble the entire setup- which would mean cutting the PVC pipes etc to get this correct - Please let me know .....

Also if there is nothing available and I need to take the setup apart - would teflon tape work on the copper threads ??? thanks a millon

I need to fix this soon - as I will be out of town tomorrow - Your help is much appreciated
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dogmatix, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
Since this is a new system, you may as well do it right to avoid doing it again. Patching will probably fail in the end. If it leaks in the copper, cut it, use teflon tape on the threaded joint and then sweat a coupling in to reconnect the pipe. Teflon tape or joint compound will work with copper threads. Pipe threads are tapered so tightening the threads is necessary. The teflon or joint compound is merely a lubricant to allow full assembly of threaded joints. It is not made to "seal". Good luck.
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Thank you for your prompt help - I am off to Home Depot to get the coupling and redo it . You are right - a stich in time saves nine !!

Thank you

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