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Tree advise

I have this tree I don't knoe the name of it but it kinda reminds me of a sand cherry bush but it's a tree.

Anyway, it's been in the ground for 2 years now and is growing like crazy. But it is tried down for wind. I was going to take the ropes off last week because I felt it was tall enough to handle itself in the wind. But when I took the tie-downs off, I could push the tree over, there is know way that tree will stay up. I had to tie it down again.

Will this tree ever root? Should I dig it up and do something to it to get the roots to grow quicker. Or should I just give up on it and take it down.

I kinda desided I am going to take it down but I want to keep it. I'm going to move it to a different location. What should I do different to get this tree to root right?

The only reason I'm moving it is because, between the ants crawling up and down it and the japinesse beetles, by july the tree looks half dead.
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The tree may be root bound, if the roots were not spread upon planting or the hole was too small. You can dig in a couple of places around the root ball by hand and spread some of the roots out so that they will grow away from the tree. It should develop better roots by this time next year.

Feed the tree a balanced fertilizer at the rate for application to grass when it is dormant this winter. Apply it from a foot from the trunk out to a point approximately 150% of the canopy.

Ants don't cause problems with plants, they are usually there for other reasons. You can survey the grub population in your yard to decide whether or not there is a need to treat for the japanese beetles.

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