disease on Holly shrubs


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disease on Holly shrubs

Hello all,
I hope someone can help me with this. I have 5 Holly bushes. They are all 10 years old. 2 of them have came down with something. It started as a very small area of leaves rotting out from the inside of the leaf itself and dying outwords. This small area of dying leaves has enlarged to one total side of each shrub. Some leaves are getting a white fungus, turning into a hole and eventually turning completely brown and falling off. Other leaves are getting brown tips and slowly dying. Again it is only on 2 shrubs in a landscape of 5. I had it tested at the ag department and they said it was t scale. I don't believe this is true for the shrubs are inscect free and I use a company the sprays them. I have went through them with a fine tooth comb and found no scale insects at all. The problem is getting worse weekly. Can someone help? thanks a lot for any suggestions. Lambo
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It seems to me that it is tea scale, based upon your description. Most spraying fails to control scale because the insect is on the underside of the leaf. The adults are quite protected from insecticide by their waxy covering. The insect is susceptible during the immature, crawler, stage. The underside of the leaf must be deliberately sprayed. Better control is gained by spraying an agricultural oil in the spring prior to new growth, after all frost.
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Thanks for the response Chris. I have had Dormant oil on the shrubs, and they get sprayed for I had scale at one time. This still may be the cause though and I thank you. There has been some addition to this. I had a fellow look at it and he suggested the leaves were actually burning in some way. Because most of the damage is from the inside of the skeleton on the leaf and dying outwords he asked if there has been any chemicals or soaps around my landscape. I did have my driveway sealed and powerwashed. Our theory is some of the sealer leaked to the root system and is destroying them. This could be for the 2 shrubs are on the edge of the driveway. What do you all say to this, and does it sound as if this is my problem? Thanks.

Please pardon the spelling. I can spell but get in such a hurry that I do make some mistakes. thanks. Lambo
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Sounds like scale. Scale insects literally suck the life out of leaves. It is doubtful that enough sealer escaped from the driveway application to significantly affect the plants. Most sealer labels do instruction covering shrubs for protection during application.

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