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I have been recommended a very good company which does landscaping (nothing complicated - just clearing and laying sod). The also do some decorative curbing, which we would like. I asked if they were licensed, but they said they did not need one as it is not necessary if this is not a dangerous - it's not the same as installing electrics for example.

Does anyone know if that's right? I would like to use them but not if they aren't licensed and should be.

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There are a few different types of licences.
The licence that refers to dangerous activities deals with qualifications to be able to do a job safely.
Another type of licence is one that authorizes a person or company to perform a certain task.
Your municipality for instance may require a business licence to be able to do work in your area.

Another question that could be asked is whether or not they have liability insurance. This would protect you if they were to do some type of damage to your property.
Even more is whether or not they are bonded, however I would think that this would be more important in jobs much bigger than yours.
To protect yourself without having a bonded contractor is with the exception to possibley a modest down payment, their fee would not be payed untill the work was completed.
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Going with a licensed and insured contractor is recommended. A business license is required if a legitimate business. Workers Compensation insurance covers employees should they get hurt on your property. Liability insurance covers any damage to your property. Homeowner's insurance tends not to cover injuries incurred by workers or damage to property by them.
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I agree that you want a outfit that has insurance and is licensed in some way. Think about this,do you really want someone who is not professional enough to get the proper credentials doing a job for you?
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My son just started his own small landscaping business. He was advised by his attorney and accountant to get a licence and insurance. He did because he wanted to be legal and responcible. Hope this helps to answer your question.

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