Back Yard a lumpy, uneven mess


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Exclamation Back Yard a lumpy, uneven mess

We recently removed an above ground pool, leaving a 20' round, 3-4 foot deep pit in the yard and are trying to regain use of our back yard. The previous owners just piled up the dirt they dug for the pool all over the yard and seem to have dug a small, shallow trench along the east side of the yard (not sure what for, but seems too straight and perfect to not be intentional). Basically, what I want to know is what is the best, most efficient, and easiest way to level my back yard so I can start from scratch again. All of the dirt they dug for the pool appears to be here, but I don't know if I'll have to truck in more dirt or not. Right now, just looking for easiest way to level out what I've got and go from there. Also, read in previous post about needing to have a slope going away from foundation, so that should be highest point of yard, correct? Right now, we're filling in by hand, but that sucks, so thinking about renting a Bobcat or similar small equipment.

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It sounds like you have quite the area to fill, hopefully with the dirt that you have will help. I would start out with this to fill the area. The trench was probably used for backwashing the pool filter. Usually if you order top soil or dirt and have it trucked in they will place in the area that you need it, thus saving a lot of work, time and backache. I would definately consider renting equipment or have a landscape company come and even it out for you, most will come out and estimate the job or offer advise for free, or if you know of someone with a small tractor that has a blade on it that would help. It is important to have the grade slope away from your foundation to avoid water problems and seepage. Use a stake and string then run it from the highest point to the lowest point in the yard and then replace dirt in the low areas, up to the highest till it is level with the string, allow for settling or roll with a roller. Rake and re-sod for instant grass or if youre on limited funds and have patience re-seed, remember to water well until the grass is established, and rope off the area.......
If you use this area often and consider it high traffic area (kids, pets etc)
buy a grass seed that is suitable, you can purchase bulk seed for high traffic areas. Good Luck
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Rent a bulldozer. We rented one for our yard, it is about an acre. The bulldozer was very easy to drive. It cost 450 day, and was definatly worth it. We finished the yard in one hour then used it to knock down an old shed, and then removed trees with it (12-16 in diameter).

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