water against foundation


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water against foundation

My back yard is sloped towards the foundation - and I get water under my deck that I can see (do not think it is more than a few inches deep) - my yards does have a natural swale that draws water doen to the stree but over time it has become more level and I do get some standing water inthe swale - my question is about the water that collect under the deck. when the deck was built (by the previous owner) the are beneath it had to be dug out so that the deck was level to the house - this left a an area where water can build up -

the foundation is a slab - not a basement in this part of the house - I live in CT so I do get cold weather

what can I do to fix this? DO I need to take apart my deck to see underneath it to recitify or investigate further? FI so - what are my solutions? Dry well? re grading? retaining wall?

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I have the same problem

Although I have a crawl space. We are regrading about 70 feet behind the house and putting a positive grade from the house to a "redug" swale. Our home is about 25 years old, and the original drainage work was a small ditch that wasn't very efficient. Over time, dirt has built up next to the house and in some areas, stands about one inch deep after a good rain. I also researched drainage pipes and water boxes, but our problem is that runoff goes toward the house and there's not a need to drain it as much as there's a need to divert it. When you look to fix your water issue under the deck, my brief experience with this is to first look to keep the water away from that area by regrading your swale. Rain will get in the area underneath, but runoff surely makes it much worse. Even if you take down the deck and look at a drainage system, it's still allowing water near the foundation and doesn't address that your swale is losing its efficiently to move water. Once the runoff water is sufficiently prevented from getting underneath the deck, you can explore options to drain the smaller amount you'll get from regular rain. Of course, a pro may have better advice, this is just almost exactly what I'm going through...and I'm paying through the nose to get it fixed before I get into fixing water damage underneath the house.

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