Holly Tree Removal


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Holly Tree Removal

There are several Holly trees around my house that I cut down and now the stumps are growing back small shoots. Is there a way to get these stumps to hurry up and rot, or at least stop making new growth? The stumps are pretty large and they are right up against my house so they would be very difficult to remove. Any suggestions?
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Here's an idea:


also, be careful to make sure there are no wires, pipelines, etc. around the area if you do this as it may be dangerous! Good luck!...and be careful...

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stump sprouts

In situations like yours we try to cut the stumps as near flush to the ground as possible and as they sprout new growth ( as they almost always do ) we spray the tender new foliage with Round Up mixed at the labels heaviest rate. It will take a few times of this procedure but it will work. Also to speed up stump decay get a large drill bit and drill a number of holes straight down into the stump this will allow rain water to stand in the holes promoting decay. You can make this procedure alot more complicated but it isn't really necessary. If you plan to install any new plants just artfully arrange your new plants to fit in the gaps between your old stumps, cover the beds with a heavy layer of mulch and and things will be fine. Best of Luck....38 years in the business and still learning...Greensboro Man
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Thanks for the suggestions. Drilling the holes seems like it will be the easiest way to speed up nature!

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