What is landscaping?

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What is landscaping?

Landscaping increases the value of a home, right? So what is exactly put into a yard that one would define it as "landscaping" vs. just a yard? It's not just having trees, bushes, plants, etc. in the yard it's how it is put in the yard right? The reason for the question is that I am working on my yard but doing it myself and not professionally done. So even if it's not professionally done, one can still do a nice landscape right?
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Definition of Landscaping: To adorn or improve a section of ground by contouring and by planting flowers, shrubs or trees. May also include decorative rocks and statues.
If you are doing this, you are landscaping. It may not be a professionally designed landscape, but landscaping none the less. Good luck.
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landscaping: any action involving a "tool" with the general intent of being outside thus giving one an exuse for not cleaning the house or washing the car. is often considered the main cause of increased beer consumption and decreased disposable income. proven to be directly related to a syndrom which manisfests itself with a distinct hatred of winter and increased anxiety upon flipping a calander to March. a mental disorder among many DIY landscapers can be noted in their desire to modify the previous year's "perfect improvements" . the CDC reports at this time there is no cure.
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U R 2 funny flopshot! That was good...
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scaping the land...well yeah you can do a good job but it's definetely better if done with help of a profesional i.e. your own design based on what you like vs. a design from a landscape architect.
there's always a " right " way to do things..a few examples :
when installing decorative rock you either use nothing or you use the permeable weed barrier ( no plastic please !) under the rock.
if installing fast growing trees with aggresive root system ( like eucalyptus or mexican fan palms ) make sure you stay far enough from walls or concrete foundations.
etc. etc.
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I never had the ca$h to hire a professional, and even if I had, doubt I would have done so, because I love working in the yard so much. I"ve done a couple different houses and feel like I made a huge improvement to them with my landscaping. (the excuse of being outside after a long winter, and cold beer didn't hurt either, flopshop!)

My advice is start small; of course I say that because I could never see "the big picture" like a pro will give you. I started with trees as soon as I moved in (they take the longest to grow, obviously) then added shrubs and worked around those. Don't bite off more than you can chew...it's easy to go on a buying spree and then get overwhelmed.

I read every book I could to learn what would work in my area and what wouldn't. No sense spending a bundle of dough on something that you either have to "baby" or just won't make it, period, no matter how well it looks in the magazine. Try to go as low maintenance as you can, you'll be glad later, and use landscape fabric whenever possible (the kind that breathes and let's air and water thru, NOT plastic!) You will be glad later when you don't have a zillion weeds to deal with in the coming years. Yeah, it takes some time, but well worth it.

As far as doing "fancier" stuff up by the house, I usually started with a smaller area that I could reasonable deal with over a weekend, would live with it a while and then decide if I had the result I wanted, or wanted to "expand." I usually added a little on each year. After seven years in my last house, I had the most beautiful yard within blocks (well, that's what people said ) When I moved in, there had been NOTHING in that yard except a sad little "lilac tree", (if there truly is such a thing) If money is tight, check out the National Arbor Foundation for trees and shrubs, find a good nursery who will give you advice and buy quality when it's on sale. Your local county extension agency is sometimes a good source for smaller seedlings.

If you need larger trees and decide to buy one or a few, go to a reputable nursery and have THEM plant it. They come with a guarantee, and handling a larger tree is nothing you want to chance by yourself. It's worth the extra money, believe me. (in other words, know your limits!) Good luck and enjoy!
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What is landscaping?

Many people use two terms for the complimentary forms of exterior planning.

Landscaping refers the use of "soft" materials like dirt, grass, plants, ground cover and gravel.

Hardscaping is the use of "hard" installed materials like pavers, retaining walls, concrete patios and sidewalks.

In some cases you may be using two different trades to acheive the desired plan and effect.

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landscaping hardware

My wife picked up a landscaping computer program. Its in a 3-D type format where you can see from any angle. You simply map out your yard, program it in and then with the use of all the tools it offers. Begin to add or remove anything you would like i.e. plants, trees , shrubs, buildings, hot tubs etc. The program is so realistic that things begin to come to life. You can even do a drive by view to see what others will see, its really good. If I could find it Id tell you what it is, I think it was a Home Depot purchase , Though. Also, very time consuming. I found that all the time I spent messin with the computer that I could have had the yard done by then, through trial and error

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