Removing Ivy


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Removing Ivy


I have a tonne of Ivy on my house wall, is it okay to pull it all down? The brickwork is fairly sound (built in 1980). What about all those little suckers that get left behind any idea on how to remove them without damaging the brickwork?

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You should be fine pulling it off! It'll probably take a lot of energy but if you want it to be off permanently make sure you remove all the vines and the roots from the soil so it doesn't grow back though even doing that there's still a chance unless you find the mother of the roots. Or keep watching 'em and pull the roots out again so it doesn't go back to grow on the wall. After you remove the vines you can use a stiff wire bruch, one with a scraper at the end or a drill with a wire brush attachment or rent one of those power washers.

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